Construction sites

on which the fiber of our production was used:

In the Republic of Belarus:

KronoSpan Factory in Mogilev
Logistics complex RUP "Belpochta" nat. Minsk airport
Workshops of OJSC "Belshina", Bobruisk
Reconstruction of the stadium "Dynamo", Minsk
Monetary storage, Minsk (requirements of the 5th level of strength, independent examination confirmed the 7th level of strength)
Many logistics centers, hypermarkets and industrial buildings throughout Belarus.

In Russian federation:

Woodworking complex in the city of Arkhangelsk (more than 200 tons of fiber was delivered within a month),
"Samara Arena", in the city of Samara
Trade and Logistics Center, Sunzhensky District, Republic of Ingushetia.
Hundreds of logistics centers and production facilities throughout Russia.

Construction in the EU:

Maxima hypermarkets (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)